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The Round Rock Public Safety Training Center is a facility built to answer the training needs for the Fire and Police Departments.  The facility is located on 73 acres that adjoins the Police Department property in northern Round Rock.  The entire process of putting ideas on paper and then transitioning it to reality has been a joint effort with participants from the Fire and Police department making this a true shared facility.  Here are some of the features found at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center.

Administration/Classroom Building (65,000sqft)

  • Offices for FD and PD training staff

    • Cubicle style office setting

    • Shared copier/office management space

    • Allows for future growth

  • Blue Card Simulation Lab

    • Has an apparatus bay for the Battalion Chief to pull into and operate out of his/her vehicle like in the real world.

  • Classroom Space

    • (1) dedicated 30-person classroom for FD training

    • (1) dedicated 30-person classroom for PD training

    • (1) 100-person classroom that can be converted to (2) 50-person classrooms

    • AV equipment that is compatible with any computer or instruction brought in by an outside instructor

  • Eating Area

    • An eating area with tables and chairs that can accommodate approximately 50 people is on site. 

  • Gym

    • A large workout gym filled with weightlifting and cardio fitness equipment

  • CPAT gym

    • Large conditioned area for FD to hold candidate physical agility test (CPAT)

  • Apparatus Bay

    • FD apparatus bay for 2 training engines

Fire Department Training Area

  • 5-story training tower

    • Has a burn floor for burning natural material such as hay and wood (Class A)

    • Has a burn floor that uses LPG (Class B) supplied props?

    • All floors are capable of being smoked up for search drills

    • Multiple anchor points for rappelling and rope rescue training

    • Aligned manholes so that tower can be used for confined space training

  • 2-story Apartment

    • Building has Class A and B props burn props

    • Flat room ventilation simulator on the roof

    • Anchor points for rappelling and rope rescue training

    • Structure collapse prop incorporated into the building

  • 2-story residence

    • All Class B props

    • Includes a mobile car prop which can be transported anywhere on the facility

  • Confined Space/Trench Rescue

    • Includes a series of underground tunnels and poured concrete trench collapse scenarios

Joint Training Area

  •  A 3.5-acre skill pad for FD NFPA cone course training and for PD driving skills

  • 5,000sqft storage space for props and materials.

    • This space also incorporates an outdoor classroom and restrooms

The Round Rock Public Safety Training Center 
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